My Story

I'm CJ Lembke, owner of 70 Ranch Performance Horses. I was born in Denver, Colorado and I grew up in a "non-horsey" family, just south of Denver. My Father introduced me to horses at a very young age. He hoped that it would create a hobby that we could learn together and do on the weekends. Little did he know that the "horse bug" bit me hard and I was hooked for life. I started running barrels in gymkhanas when I was 8 and finally convinced my parents to buy a horse. I competed in rodeos throughout high school and I was on the rodeo team in college.

Once I graduated, I decided to try my hand on the pro rodeo circuit, so I moved to Texas for a few years and studied under some of the best trainers in the business. This is where I began training barrel horses from cutter "rejects" and completely fell in love with the mind and ability of cow bred horses.

After a series of horrible injuries that ended my career, I was forced to stop training horses and rodeoing professionally. In the Fall of 2017, I teamed up with professional cow horse and rope horse trainer, Chris Anderson of CA Performance horses.

After a generous loan from my extremely supportive parents, the breeding business was created in December of 2017. We have a very nice set of cow bred horses and one nice race bred mare. We recently added a 6yo son of Metallic Cat as our first stallion and I'm very excited about him. We intend to keep 1-2 foals per year and sell the rest. The ones that we keep will be trained and shown by Chris. I have had an absolute blast in the breeding industry and I'm very thankful that life's crazy road brought me to this point. 

Gainesville, Texas